Monday, 11 March 2013

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Easy Trick to enlarge locked profile picture

Due to privacy and Security provide by Facebook we sometime unable to enlarge photo of a person in Facebook.But today i am sharing a trick which will help you in enlarge the profile picture of any locked Facebook profile.This is a very small but useful trick.I hope you enjoy this.
Suppose we want to enlarge the photo of any profile.But we are unable to enlarge this photo due to privacy provide by Facebook.
 Follow the below steps to do this easily.
1)Go to the person profile.
2)Copy the URL of image.This will look like this (
3)Now change the length from 160x160 to 720x720 like(
4)Open new tab and paste the URL.The picture is enlarge with good quality.
If you are having any Query/Clarification then just comment below to get solution .

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